How Will We Raise The Children?

Aren’t our American Septembers all about return-to-school and formal education, after the relaxed joys of summer? Private, public, religious, homeschooling…there are so many ways to get the job done. Interfaith couples have long heard the query from grandparents, clerics and others: ‘how will you raise the children?’ Which faith will you choose for your family?’ […]

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Mets Fan Formation

This Pray4Mets post asks you to share your best ideas for developing Mets fans in your own family and community. Jewish texts include the obligations of a father toward his son, including teaching the boy to swim. Christian ‘formation,’ that is, the development of the new Christian, speaks to training in thoughts and deeds. How […]

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Mets & Melded Metaphors

Weren’t we all on a roll during the early August three-game series with the Washington Nationals, with high expectations for a sweep? After all, when the Mets’ winning streaks go into the teens, it’s so easy to get carried away. Not so fast. Thank goodness that in a recent post, Of Mets & Meatloaf, we […]

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Mechanics & Philosophers

Thirty years ago, my husband & I had two sons. ‘Children need a solid education and religious training,’ my mother advised. Music and sport, fresh air and nature must be part of the raising up, among other key variables. I meted them out in equal doses. Nevertheless, despite what I calculated as equal inputs, the […]

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Of Mets & Meat Loaf

His hand shot up in the Brooklyn classroom. ‘Man’s inhumanity to man,’ Dominic Marvilli called out. ‘Man vs. nature,’ said John Franco, next. Joe Pipitone piped up with ‘Overcoming adversity!’ Who remembers what piece of writing Ms. Harfosh, 8th grade English teacher at St. Mary, Mother of Jesus (head bow) roundabout 1970, was subjecting to […]

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