Down By The Shul Yard

Someone taught Danny Saunders to hit a ball, run the bases, and come home. Chaim Potok‘s adolescent character in The Chosen emerges from a culture steeped in tradition, education, learning and study. While his family’s primary focus may have been the Torah and the Talmud, someone took responsibility for extending Danny’s learning to the ball […]

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Major Themes & Big Pictures

About 40 years ago, I went to see a film in a cinema with my future husband, Todd. We were all of 22. Remarkably, he could predict the next lines in the script for many of the characters. Sitting in the dark, he’d lean over and whisper them to me, before the words passed the […]

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Father, Son & Holy Smoke

In The Jungle Book, Kipling introduces ‘jungle boy’ Mowgli and immediately presents his young readers with distinctions of humankind versus the remainder of the animal kingdom: a keen, specialized eyesight and the opposable thumb are two. Further, and discussed beautifully in Power, by Robert Greene, is man’s ability to use social power in concert with his […]

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