Mets as Metaphor

Military tales and war movies tell the same, timeless story: the member of the combat team who is centered on self, rather than team, ultimately becomes the one who is lost. The team can survive the battle. John Donne gives us this message, as does the New Testament narrative of Judas Iscariot. It’s another classic theme on […]

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Start Prayin’, Because on Sunday, It Looked Liked End Times A Comin’ Animals know it:  a change in light or a vibration in the earth signals unusual, transitioning conditions. That’s what Mets catcher’s Kevin Plawecki’s ascent to the pitching mound seemed to be in Sunday’s final game of the week’s series against the Nationals, when combined with a wildly lopsided 23-5 score: things […]

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Every Seven Days

A friend who has read the Jewish bible & the New Testament three times tells me that everything one needs to know is in these books. Is the weekly cycle – six days of creation, followed by the day of rest – described in Genesis more important than many of today’s men and women know? Man’s ancient […]

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Smoke That, Jay

Jay Bruce’s first-of-the-2017-Mets-season home run (which was followed on by another, last night, in Game 6) will be an easy one to remember. Whether you say ‘he’s smokin,’ or ‘what was he smokin’?,’ Bruce’s smooth, early-season performance extends the past two years of Mets’ rolling out unexpected delights for the fans. The existence of entheogens, which, according […]

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Spring Training for the Soul

SPRING TRAINING FOR THE SOUL: Join Our Mailing List As Pitchers & Catchers report to Spring Training this week, Pray4Mets gets back in gear to keep fans’ spirits buoyant and help guide the Amazins to their best possible 2017 performance. Pray4Mets is a global community of people who are willing to put their hands together […]

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…And Sinners

Former Met Daniel Murphy was centered about his religious beliefs and spirituality. These worked for him and the Mets during the 2015 season, but his out-there voice did not appear to fit with management vision. When it was announced that the team would decline his request for a multi-year contract, my husband and I, just coming off six months of […]

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