Father, Son & Holy Smoke

In The Jungle Book, Kipling introduces ‘jungle boy’ Mowgli and immediately presents his young readers with distinctions of humankind versus the remainder of the animal kingdom: a keen, specialized eyesight and the opposable thumb are two. Further, and discussed beautifully in Power, by Robert Greene, is man’s ability to use social power in concert with his […]

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Being A Mets Fan Is _____________

From Ur-Nammu to Homer to Robert Fulghum to J.K. Rowling, authors have done best when they understand their audiences. How are you doing today? Is your 2017 Mets season glass half full, or half empty? Take a Pray4Mets survey of emotional well-being by clicking HERE. This week, I’m intoning for management wisdom. Send your thoughts, […]

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Give Me That Baseball Religion

Who knew that the MIT professor responsible for econometric studies of modern politics and health care reform would show up in Pray4Mets, justifying the coming together of baseball fans? Being a Mets fan is akin to being part of a spiritual community. There are shared values, traditions, rites. There are hymns. There’s a shrine, and a place of […]

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Moms & Prayer

Long ago and far away (from where I sit), women traditionally took on the role of raising children. Key components in nurturing were education and religion. The accomplishment and dignity of a mother’s job well done has been the foundation of sustainable family, community, nation…and personal self-esteem. Jan Met, better known as Mrs. Met, has raised three […]

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Mets as Metaphor

Military tales and war movies tell the same, timeless story: the member of the combat team who is centered on self, rather than team, ultimately becomes the one who is lost. The team can survive the battle. John Donne gives us this message, as does the New Testament narrative of Judas Iscariot. It’s another classic theme on […]

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Start Prayin’, Because on Sunday, It Looked Liked End Times A Comin’ Animals know it:  a change in light or a vibration in the earth signals unusual, transitioning conditions. That’s what Mets catcher’s Kevin Plawecki’s ascent to the pitching mound seemed to be in Sunday’s final game of the week’s series against the Nationals, when combined with a wildly lopsided 23-5 score: things […]

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Every Seven Days

A friend who has read the Jewish bible & the New Testament three times tells me that everything one needs to know is in these books. Is the weekly cycle – six days of creation, followed by the day of rest – described in Genesis more important than many of today’s men and women know? Man’s ancient […]

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