Game Theory; Happy Birthday, Mickey Callaway

Game Theory

It’s elemental to want to go straight out to capture the flag, go in for a kill, or pray for a grand slam home run. Why not make a beeline for the brass ring of a game win or the holy grail of a World Series title.

Judaism instructs people to elevate their behavior above that of animals; so too, we can elevate our pleas for Mets achievement in a more refined way.

Mathematician John Nash, profiled in the film ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ offered the universe new  insights on game theory early in his career through the Nash Equilibrium. One of his clever parables to describe Game Theory involves how to connect with a terrific young lady. His theory for success is that you don’t home in on the top girl, the single blond surrounded by terrific brunettes.

Similarly, the strategy that was successful for Pray4Mets in 2015 was to have a broad impact, particularly on the fans, with prayer, hope, attitude, karma…making sure as many diverse elements in the supply chain of Mets success were buoyed to the extent possible by our windmill-tilting. It worked amazin’ly well.

Today, let’s pray for Mickey Callaway, born May 13, 1975. Happy Birthday, Mickey. Pray4Mets members & friends are right next to you.

Then, choose another team member, manager, owner, coach or employee to pray for each day throughout the season in your own way. Keep Mickey and your plus-one top of mind, with fervent commitment, as you go about your days. Email your choice to, to make sure we’ve got everyone covered. See below. If you’ve forgotten how to pray, click HERE. It’s easy…even children can do it.

Let’s Go Mets, and Happy Mother’s Day to all.

Maureen Edelson, Creator, Pray4Mets, Montclair, New Jersey

Send your thoughts, prayers and incantations to 

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer: Fred Wilpon
President: Saul B. Katz
Chief Operating Officer: Jeff Wilpon
General Manager: Sandy Alderson
General Manager: Sandy Alderson
Manager: Mickey Callaway
Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations & Assistant General Manager: John Ricco
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Terry Collins
Special Assistant to the General Manager: Omar Minaya
Special Assistant to the General Manager: JP Ricciardi
Director, Baseball Research & Development: TJ Barra
Director of High Performance: Jim Cavallini
Director, Player Relations & Community Engagement: Donovan Mitchell
Director, Team Travel: Brian Small
Bullpen Coach: Ricky Bones
First Base Coach: Ruben Amaro Jr.
Hitting Coach: Pat Roessler
Assistant Hitting Coach: Tom Slater
Bench Coach: Gary DiSarcina
Third Base Coach: Glenn Sherlock
PItching Coach: Dave Eiland
Bullpen Catcher: Dave Racaniello
Bullpen Catcher: Eric Langill

Head Trainer: Brian Chicklo

Assistant Trainer: Joe Golia

Strength & Conditioning Coordinator: Dustin Clarke

Physical Therapist: John Zajac

Senior Advisor for Strength & Conditioning: Mike Barwis



39                    Jerry Blevins    L/L       6’6″      190lbs  9/6/83

48                    Jacob deGrom L/R       6’4″      180lbs  6/19/88

27                    Jeurys Familia  R/R      6’3″      240lbs  10/10/89

65                    Robert Gsellman          R/R      6’4″      205lbs  7/18/93

67                    Seth Lugo        R/R      6’4″      225lbs  11/17/89

32                    Steven Matz     R/L       6’2″      200lbs  5/29/91

55                    Corey Oswalt   R/R      6’5″      250lbs  9/3/93

44                    AJ Ramos        R/R      5’10”    200lbs  9/20/86

51                    Paul Sewald     R/R      6’3″      207lbs  5/26/90

34                    Noah Syndergaard       L/R       6’6″      240lbs  8/29/92

40                    Jason Vargas   L/L       6’0″      215lbs  2/2/83

45                    Zack Wheeler  L/R       6’4″      195lbs  5/30/90


#                     Name   B/T       Ht         Wt        DOB

59                    Jose Lobaton   S/R      6’1″      205lbs  10/21/84

29                    Devin Mesoraco           R/R      6’1″      229lbs  6/19/88


#                     Name   B/T       Ht         Wt        DOB

13                    Asdrubal Cabrera         S/R      6’0″      205lbs  11/13/85

4                      Wilmer Flores  R/R      6’3″      205lbs  8/6/91

23                    Adrian Gonzalez          L/L       6’2″      215lbs  5/8/82

15                    Luis Guillorme  L/R       5’10”    195lbs  9/27/94

7                      Jose Reyes      S/R      6’0″      195lbs  6/11/83

1                      Amed Rosario  R/R      6’2″      189lbs  11/20/95

22                    Dominic Smith  L/L       6’0″      239lbs  6/15/95


#                     Name   B/T       Ht         Wt        DOB

19                    Jay Bruce        L/L       6’3″      225lbs  4/3/87

52                    Yoenis Cespedes        R/R      5’10”    220lbs  10/18/85

30                    Michael Conforto         L/R       6’1″      215lbs  3/1/93

12                    Juan Lagares   R/R      6’1″      215lbs  3/17/89

9                      Brandon Nimmo           L/R       6’3″      207lbs  3/27/93


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