The Mets Fan’s Foxhole: Harness Your Power for a Positive 2015 Season

METS SPRINGOn Mets baseball opening day 2015, is there hope of winning the World Series? Of making it to the playoffs? Of a better ending than 2014’s 79-83 finish? Of having a Mets season that can be seen, from any perspective, as positive?

If you consider yourself a Mets fan, and tend to say ‘no,’ you may be in your Mets foxhole. The military metaphor that an individual with his or her back against the wall — in the foxhole — may only have faith and prayer remaining for possible salvation can surely be put to use here.

Leverage this holiday week and turn of season as an opportunity for renewal of spirit. Dig deep and refill your baseball well of hope: smile and join together to harness the power of prayer, and send your positive thoughts, hopes and invocations to  We know what Tug McGraw would say.

-Maureen Edelson


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