From Faith to Physics to Chemistry

Mets Periodic TableLadies, rev your spiritual engines. (Gentlemen, proceed with caution.)

Angels appeared last week at Tierney’s pub in Montclair to watch a game – straight from Citi Field, I think – and their appearance could be called a blessing. They brought a calm, thoughtful energy to the Pray4Mets efforts. Thank you for making the journey.

A few weeks ago, a friend asked if there was a link between Pray4Mets, the Mets’ successful season, and physics. He seemed to accept my suggestion that last year’s retirement of Yankee captain Derek Jeter created a vacuum in New York baseball that is being filled by the Mets. Perhaps focused prayer & goodwill helps the Mets’ matter expand in that space.

One of last week’s visiting angels was a very lovely woman of middle age. When I asked who her favorite Mets player might be, she mentioned one of the team’s young bucks, a fellow who reminds her of her own son. Her heart and soul were in her expression.

A boy’s metamorphosis to manhood is stunning and, in many societies, sacred. Since April, while observing the games, players and managers, I’ve looked at a particular range of young players – in their twenties, without children of their own yet — playing a complex, elegant American sport at its highest levels, and have had the steady, solemn mixture of awe and joy that mothers who have raised sons to adulthood understand. But, over these months, I’ve wondered if any other women watching the Mets had thoughts similar to mine – did their maternal chemistry come into play?

Last week at Tierney’s, I found out I wasn’t alone, and I encourage the women of the Pray4Mets community to put your Metstrogen to work to continue to buoy the team.

Yes, Metstrogen: the newly discovered element that fills the empty space between Ununbium and Ununquadium on the Periodic Table. If something has been missing in the Mets universe, perhaps we’ve found it.

Send your thoughts, prayers, and reservations for the October 3, Pilgrimage to Citi Field (7:10 vs. the Nationals) to

-Maureen ‘Madame Curie’ Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey


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