O Holy Night

mangerA thrill of hope … the weary world rejoices.

It’s the evening we’ve been waiting for since November, through a long, long winter: opening day of the 2016 baseball season. We’ll pick up where we left off, with tonight’s game featuring the New York Mets vs. the Kansas City Royals.

My husband, Todd, and I welcome you to join in at our home at 8:30 tonight for a quick prayer – we’re calling it METS VESPERS  — as the season begins, and then to enjoy the game together. Bring your blessings, wishes, hopes and visions for a successful 2016.

4  North Brookwood Drive, Montclair , New Jersey.

A limited number of tickets for the Mets home opener on Friday, April 8 (vs. Philadelphia, 1:10 pm) are available through Pray4Mets. Contact me if you’d like to join in this very special day at Citi Field: maureenedelson@hotmail.com.

Send your thoughts, prayers, hopes and dreams, as we start the Mets’ 2016 season, to pray4mets@gmail.com.

-Maureen Edelson



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