…And Sinners

Former Met Daniel Murphy was centered about his religious beliefs and spirituality. These worked for him and the Mets during the 2015 season, but his out-there voice did not appear to fit with management vision. When it was announced that the team would decline his request for a multi-year contract, my husband and I, just coming off six months of successfully praying for a baseball team to do better than the year before (and, lordy, lordy, succeeding, thanks to so many ), looked at each other, and knew the error when we saw it.

We won’t trip on what’s behind us, but we do know Mets’ management is aware of Pray4Mets. Did Jose Reyes read Pray4Mets blog posts, particularly on redemption, as he returned to the team? Was the signing of Tim Tebow a recognition that faith and faith practice may, in fact, be a net plus to performance?

Organized religions give us systems to deal with what nature and the universe hand us. Marriage was institutionalized by the Jews to make the best of men’s and women’s natures and society’s needs. Funeral rites allow individuals to have psychological closure after the passing of loved ones. Rites of atonement and penance allow us to lift the burden of old ways off our shoulder and move on, with a new chance for success.

It’s amazing that the Mets’ 2016 Wild Card opportunity comes right after Rosh Hashanah, during the Days of Awe, or Days of Repentence. Let’s take this time to cast sins away and start fresh as we gear up in our thoughts, words and actions for a successful post-season. It’s a perfect moment to revitalize our individual and collective energy.

Calling on the Pray4Mets community for 25 hours of prayer*, one for each of Daniel Murphy’s 2016 home runs, from sundown Tuesday until the start of the Wild Card game on Wednesday, Oct 5, 8 pm. Ready, set, go.

I’m a human being. I made that one mistake,” Reyes said. “It was a terrible mistake. I’m so sorry for that mistake. I’ve apologized to everyone. I’ve never been in trouble before. I need a second chance.

Send your thoughts and share your prayers at pray4mets@gmail.com.

*includes wishing, hoping & finger-crossing. Positive thoughts only, please. Need prayer ideas? See prior Pray4Mets posts and explore web resources such as BeliefNet.com.



Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey, USA




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