Mets as Metaphor

Military tales and war movies tell the same, timeless story: the member of the combat team who is centered on self, rather than team, ultimately becomes the one who is lost. The team can survive the battle.

John Donne gives us this message, as does the New Testament narrative of Judas Iscariot. It’s another classic theme on which Mets fans can rely when coping with and persevering through a given baseball season.

Paying attention to the wisdom of the ages, you could prophesy after the 2015 World Series showdown between manager Terry Collins and the Dark Knight in Game 5 that there would be more of a troubled narrative with this then-young player.  After a false kiss of apparent modesty in the first 25 games of the 2017 season, the Dark Knight returned. The path to post-season victory has taken what could be a gut-wrenching twist in the ongoing saga of being a Mets fan.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall of the the team’s human resource office when Myers-Briggs inventories are being administered and Big Five assessments are being weighed. Composing and guiding a theoretically successful team that maximizes individual personality traits is where leadership and management prove their mettle.

The Mets’ management sub-team, Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson, is beautifully composed. Collins, an excellent manager of young men, let his heart rule in 2015. Alderson, a highly trained warrior with military lineage, understands expedition behavior and the need for discipline.

The recent suspension of a no-longer-young Mets pitcher may temper but needn’t cloud Mets fans’ positive hope for the season, despite May 2017 looking more like Washington’s winter of 1779-80 than what we, just a few weeks ago, thought might be springtime in Paris. Christians look at Judas Iscariot’s kiss of Christ being the turning point that led to the crucifixion and resurrection. Their ultimate source of hope and mooring couldn’t have occurred without it.

Remember, we fans are part of the Mets narrative. Let’s do our part for the team. Join with your Mets friends, putting your hands together with confidence and a steady vision for the future; see this rough patch as the blessing of being given a teachable moment under able leadership in the arc of Amazins’ history, and Let’s Go Mets.

Maureen Edelson, Creator, Pray4Mets

Montclair, New Jersey

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