How To Pray (Part 2)

Vision and Focus

When asked if prayer could help the Mets, Minister and former Met Mookie Wilson replied, ‘It can’t hurt.’

Invoking Mookie’s wisdom on Sunday, April 20, 2014 in the 14th inning of an Easter Sunday matchup between the Mets and Braves at Citi Field, two fans focused their energy on newly acquired but recently beleaguered Curtis Granderson, and, for the first time ever, prayed for divine intervention right in the batter’s box, to guide the hitter. Before the small, simple and silent prayers were finished, Granderson hit the sacrifice fly that won the game.

Since starting Pray4Mets on opening day 2015, the Mets are 12-3.

Catholics invoke saints. Jews appeal to Yahweh. Buddhists and Hindus reflect on deities and avatars. The hopeful Pray4Mets experience can be enhanced through focus, vision and calling in some helpful hands. Here are some suggestions:

Sarah & Abraham: to envision that the fans stay faithful and positive

Solomon or Buddha: to aid the manager with wisdom

David: supporting the catcher with strategy and confidence

The All-Powerful: overseeing all, but especially the pitching and the batting

Moses: aligned with the 3rd base coach, bringing runners safely home.

How and where on the field will you focus your energy to steadily sustain the awesome potential of the New York Mets in 2015?  Send your thoughts and prayers to


Source: Wikipedia commons


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