For Mets Fans on the Dark Side

Still singing the blues 27 games into the 2015 season?Flagellants

If you hold on to the regret legacy of the 1957 National League departure — a smarting abandonment — from New York to California; if you get a kick out of trash-talking a group of men forced to wear clashing colors and buck the Grand Central Parkway to get to work in Queens; if you, for whatever reasons, have and exhibit year-in-and-year-out low expectations for the Mets, guess what? You can break out – become independent – move on – embrace a new day. If you want to.

You wouldn’t move on to the Yankees, Phillies or Boston, because the Mets are your team.

  • There are times in sport when a winning season is unlikely: when a team is green, when injuries eviscerate the line up, when other teams have amassed greater power, skill and support.
  • Likewise, in faith traditions, what appear to be negative behaviors of fasting, restraint, and self-flagellation are used to achieve a higher or more disciplined state of mind.

But, beating up your baseball team and beating up yourself? Not helpful.

Louis Armstrong fleshes out the key Buddhist premise of ditching the blues: being responsible for your own internal happiness and sharing that with the world each day:

When you’re smilin’ keep on smilin’Louis Armstrong Mets Fan
The whole world smiles with you
But when you’re cryin’ you bring on the rain
So stop your sighin’ be happy again.

Let’s go Satchmo!

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