Mets DL Injuries as of May 27, 2015
Mets DL Injuries as of May 27, 2015

The Mets continue to do well as a team, and on the field, despite having twelve players on the disabled list (listed below).

Can we help? The expansive, inclusive, lyrical Jewish prayer “Mi Sheberakh” (amended below), is recited for those who are ill or recovering.  Send your preferred prayers and incantations for healing and recovery to Pray4Mets@gmail.com.

May the One who blessed our ancestors

bless and heal the one who is ill:

________________ , and his parents, coaches, managers, and healthcare providers.

May the Holy Blessed One

overflow with compassion upon him,

to restore him,

to heal him,

to strengthen him,

to enliven him.

The One will send him, speedily,

a complete healing –

healing of the soul and healing of the body –

along with all the ill,

among all humankind,



without delay,

and let us all say:  Amen!

2 Dilson Herrera  Age 21

5 David Wright Age 32

7 Travis d’Arnaud Age 26

13 Jerry Blevins Age 31

35 Dillon Gee Age 29

38 Vic Black Age 27

39 Bobby Parnell Age 30

43 Buddy Carlyle Age 37

45 Zack Wheeler Age 25

50 Rafael Montero Age 24

65 Cesar Puello Age 24

66 Josh Edgin Age 28

– Maureen Edelson


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