“In A Scoring Explosion That Borders on Miraculous…” – Jared Diamond, WSJ, July 22, 2015

Small Miracles with Date CroppedWalking east on 34th Street from Penn Station yesterday, I spotted an unusual kiosk ahead of me. ‘Prayer Station,’ it said. My brain switched from enjoying the urban jangle and business thoughts of the day to the Mets. What a little miracle it was that I would take a seldom-used route to the office and yet bump into this form of summertime refreshment. I — and the Mets — needed it. It’s been a dry six weeks.

Wanda, looking west in her red ‘Prayer Station’ vest, saw an opening and engaged. “Would you like to pray together?” was her overture. As I affirmed, I also admired her salesmanship and stamina in the heart of mid-town Manhattan on a steamy July day, pitching prayer to strangers. Could she be a federal agent, protecting New York’s citizens, with a missionary cover?

I put that last thought in a small box, tucked it on my mental shelf, and received her next question, which was about my proposed topic for prayer. “I’d like us to pray for the Mets,” I said.

Wanda recovered quickly from her barely perceptible, disbelieving step backward — and asked me to explain my request. “I’m serious, Wanda. These are men who need support, and whose power, skill and refinement, if they execute their game well, can be considered as giving glory to God. Further, their success can uplift an entire people.” Reading her remaining, slight skepticism, I continued: “It’s all good — you and I are on the same page, although I encourage people to pray for the Mets, specifically.”

She countered: “What should I say? How would one pray for the Mets?” Where have I heard that before?

Wanda moved in close, put her hand on my shoulder, and said, “Maureen, first we’re going to pray for you.”

As we bowed our heads across the street from Macy’s, in the shadow of the Empire State Building, in the greatest city in the world, I heard her continue…”Father God, we pray for the Mets, from the locker room, to the field, to the…”

From The Wall Street Journal, Wednesday, July 22, 2015:  Mets Offense Wakes Up for 7-2 Win

Send your thoughts, comments and prayers to Pray4Mets@gmail.com.

-Maureen Edelson


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