St. Tom: A Pathway to Prayer for Atheists & Other Fans

A singular, existential vision: that’s what pray4mets is about.

That the Mets have a successful season, inspiring fans with pride and with optimism for the 2016 season.

There is a wonderful subset of devoted — okay: rabid or near-rabid fans — who feel they can’t, by definition, pray. There is no one to whom they  can pray. Maybe you (or a friend of yours) are hungry for the quirky pray4mets community and its vision, but face this core challenge. Please know: you, and your positive energy, are needed on this team.

In a cross-functional dinner conversation at Barbes on East 36th Street, my new friend David created the elegant strategy for overcoming this hurdle and gathering more folks into the pray4mets fold:

Mets pitcher Tom Seaver was canonized to baseball sainthood on January 7, 1992. He’s the only Hall of Famer wearing a Mets cap. To Mets fans, and to many others, he’s an icon. While still human, he is ‘up there.’

Seaver 41
Seaver’s number, 41, was retired by the NY Mets in 1988 (source: Wikipedia)

That’s it. So easy. Thank you, David.

For atheists, non-believers and those who find it difficult to pray, think about invoking the spirit of Tom Seaver to inspire the Mets toward success, and end the season with a feeling of pride. Go on, give it a try. As Minister Mookie Wilson said,

It can’t hurt.

Send your insights, experiences, thoughts & prayers to

-Maureen Edelson


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