It’s About the Children

Do you remember classic stories such as The Little Engine That Could, and David & Goliath? Healthy human Mets Childrenculture and development call for a sense of optimism, being able to find the tools to overcome adversity, and believing that, in the end, good can trump evil. Appropriate children’s storytelling passes on these perspectives, motifs and tools to create a secure ego, a sense of dignity, and knowing how to get along in a challenging world.

If our ancestors hadn’t done this for us, hadn’t handed down concepts of hope and perseverance, we wouldn’t have the capacity to travel to Citi Field to enjoy the stunning, orchestral American sport called baseball (or, for that matter, ballpark food). Let’s pass this good stuff on.

The Mets have to do their part and evidence a successful season every now and then, so that inspiring stories can be shared with our children and our children’s children. Young minds need to see a tangible result for 162 games of effort. What can fans do to help? PRAY4METS is all about a confident striving for success, and it seems to be working. Have you heard the old saw, that we have to model the behavior we want to see in others? When children are the ‘others,’ it’s an adult obligation — and in this case, a very happy obligation.

…thank you for giving us the opportunity to teach your grace, optimism and strength, through the sport of baseball, to our little ones.  Give us the wisdom and words to tell the story of your power and love through the 2015 Mets.  Be in our presentation and actions that we might reflect your grace and truth to them; we pray that a divine season for our team will help our children learn your role in their lives, and enable them to see bright horizons.  Amen.

-Adapted from Rev. Adrian Dannhauser, Church of the Incarnation, NYC

Send your thoughts and prayers to

-Maureen Edelson


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