God Helps Those Who Help Themselves: Keep Duda Off the DL

DUDA BACK PAINLet us pray that Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson taps the world-renowned resources available to him at Montclair Physical Therapy of Manhattan, the city’s only Certified McKenzie Method (r) Clinic, in order to prevent a likely progression of further musculoskeletal injury to Lucas Duda, as foreshadowed by Duda’s ‘stiff back.’ Amen.

It’s been a challenge to be in two roles this season: that of the pray4mets organizer, and that of a very experienced McKenzie Method (r) physical therapist’s wife. Our prayers are worthwhile when divine intervention is necessary; but when earthly resources are available to the Mets, shouldn’t management embrace them? (Hint: yes.)

In a late May analysis of the team’s disabled list while wearing my ‘other’ cap, I found that fully 50% of Mets injuries might be helped through the conservative, generally rapid and effective approach to musculoskeletal pain known as The McKenzie Method (r). Duda’s recent ‘stiff back’ complaint is a hallmark signal within the McKenzie knowledge base and the patient tool kit for pain prevention. Further, the team members regularly exhibit the behaviors that would predispose them to spine and spine-related pain. Ouch!

With an awesome,  yet unseasonable, first place standing as the Mets approach mid-August, we at pray4mets might be able to chuckle about having a direct line to a higher power. We have to stay humble, though, and hope that the team’s management takes care of the earthly business that’s within its reach in order to stay on track. May Mr. Alderson be inspired to pick up the phone and keep Duda off the DL: (212) 684-9098.

Send your thoughts and prayers to pray4mets@gmail.com.

-Maureen Edelson


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