What Would Pope Francis Do?

NY x 2For whom would the pontiff pray when he comes to New York, and what impact would it have?

This is the most complex, uncertain conversation we’ve faced at Pray4Mets. Pope Francis is travelling to Cuba this weekend to open up avenues to faith & spirituality in a country that outlawed Christmas in 1969. Perhaps Cespedes’ career and the defection of Cuban baseball players is a variable in the Pope’s attention at this moment. Finally, Raul Castro has said, that after a lifetime of atheism following a Jesuit upbringing, he may return to prayer based on Francis’ visit and mien.

If Francis can flip Castro, anything can happen in baseball, and particularly, in New York baseball. Yet, Francis is a controversial pontiff; and further, while says he favors the downtrodden (skews Mets), he is an elite (skews Yankees).

So, let’s keep things very, very simple: the Mets and the Yankees are New York’s baseball brothers: who wouldn’t want the maturing, yet younger, sibling, to have the chance to step out and shine after 29 years in the shadow of Big Brother?

Thanks to Pray4Mets’ team member W.S. for making sure the Pope is brought into our efforts for Mets success when he visits New York next week.

Send your thoughts, prayers & reservations for the Oct 3, 7:10 pm Pilgrimage to Citi Field to pray4mets@gmail.com.

Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey


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