Our Own Yogi & Prophet

News of yesterday’s passing of Yogi Berra, New York’s (and the nation’s) baseball legend, opens the door for his presence to be transcendent in death as in life.  Berra will remain an inspiration as a model player, mentor, mind and man.

Less than a month ago, I sought a chance to sit together with Yogi, a Roman Catholic, and pray for the Mets’ continued success this season. For years, in his retirement, you could catch him at the Yogi Berra Museum & Learning Center just up the road, at the other end of town. When word came back that it wouldn’t be possible, one could think that the end of an era had been signaled. But really, even in a modern world, it is ‘old school’ values and stuff that keeps good things, like baseball, going. Not easy, but essential.

Although it was too late to sit together, the message I received was clear:

Yogi is heartened by the Mets’ resurgence.

Condolences to the Berra family.

Send your thoughts, prayers and reservations for the October 3 Pilgrimage to Citi Field to pray4mets@gmail.com or follow on Twitter @Pray4Mets.

-Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey


4 thoughts on “Our Own Yogi & Prophet

  1. Charmed by your approach to Metsfandom I would love to join you in attending the Mets game but I will have to be there in spirit as I don’ think the old bod will make it that far. I will be reduced to
    relying on my primitive magic methods at home to support theMets as they drive towards the Post Season. But thanks much for the thoughtful invitation. I’ll look for you on TV. Go Mets!


    1. Bob,

      So pleased to get your post and we will be thinking of you working your magic a few miles away in Brooklyn! Congratulations on a great win tonight and a great season so far…here’s to further success — for many years! Cheers!


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