Making the Ask

With just five games left in the regular 2015 season, the team having already clinched the National League East title, and football season underway, it’s going to be easy to lose sight of the Mets still needing the buoyancy of Pray4Mets goodwill and a supportive, attentive fan base.

Politicians know they have to ask for the vote. Salesmen know they need to ask for the sale. Boyfriends know they need to pop the question. How do we ask for the lights to stay on for the Mets?

Zig Ziglar has been my favorite sales success guru for thirty years. Pastors, priests, rabbis, ministers, writers, teachers and others I’ve known provide myriad, novel ways to inspire. In a recent installment in his sermon series “How to Pray,” a local pastor spoke about the Trinitarian concept of The Holy Spirit as an ‘editor’ of prayer. Preaching in a town filled with writers, editors, publishers and literary agents, he tightly connected his metaphor to his audience.

In June, when the Mets had been losing two out of three games for about two weeks and had just been no-hit, I sat watching them play San Francisco. The game was tied 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth. Knowing that novelty is a helpful device, I ran through my inventory of novenas, chants, saints, blessings, meditations and yoga positions to see what could be invoked to nudge the Mets into the winning column for the day. I pulled the Holy Spirit out of my quiver.

My husband, coming from a monotheistic, non-Trinitarian background, said to me, ‘Maureen, I’ve never Cuddyerunderstood the Holy Spirit. Could you explain this to me?’ Trying my best to effectively connect with a man who enjoys a little carpentry now and then, I compared the Holy Spirit to the spray foam used to fill empty spaces between joints or around windows and doors. “Envision that the Holy Spirit is like that foam, sprayed into Michael Cuddyer and then expanding within him.”

Walk-off single, 5-4 Mets, thank you.

Let’s keep going, Mets!

What’s your ask? Send your thoughts, prayers & ticket requests for Saturday’s game against the Nationals (just 3 tickets left) to

-Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey


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