Stealing Signals from Faith Communities


There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.
Bruce Lee

Mets’ management’s masterful progression of the team through the 2015 baseball season – the trades in late July; Wright’s return in late August, the NL East title in late September  – gives confidence that Terry Collins has more ammunition in his bag to continue moving the Amazins to successively higher levels of performance.

What is the parallel for the Pray4Mets community? We can up the success-through-spirituality ante by incorporating the use of hand gestures into our hopeful ways and days of post-season play.

Every faith tradition has gestures to accompany prayer, action, communication. Jews kiss the fringe on the tallit; Christians dip fingers in holy water, cross themselves, or – for Pentecostals and others, lift hands in prayer. Eastern religions have an entire expressive vocabulary of hand gestures, but the most common one, to center the mind and body, is the Namaste pose, above.

If Terry Collins does run out of tools and tricks to bring the team to the next plateau, the Mets’ catchers can incorporate these new signals into their repertoire, confusing the opposition in a manner never seen before.

Thanks to all who enjoyed the Pilgrimage to Citi Field and made the evening a success. See photos on our Facebook page:

Send your post-season thoughts and prayers to
Maureen Edelson
Montclair, New Jersey

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