Politics & Moral Suasion

DeBlasio tryptich

Who would have thought New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio — controversial and unpredictable as he is as a political figure — would show a body language completely familiar with and respectful of spiritual practice? As good sports Guiliani and Bloomberg were, it’s hard to recall those former Gotham leaders with heads as bowed, arms as crossed, and hands as clasped, as these photos show deBlasio —  much less wearing a Mets uniform in City Hall. The Mayor has said he’d pray for the Mets, and even proselytizes on their behalf.  (Is he converting from RedSoxianism? Seems so.)

We can’t worry about his politics, policies and baseball roots for the month of October — as long as the Mayor uses all his power to deliver — for left, right, and center.

Koch Mets HatThe last Mets fan who served as Mayor of New York City was Ed Koch — with a tenure that included 1986.

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Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey

Photos (L to R): Joe Marino, NYDailyNews, Yana Paskova NYTimes, NY1


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