Every Seven Days

A friend who has read the Jewish bible & the New Testament three times tells me that

everything one needs to know is in these books.

Is the weekly cycle – six days of creation, followed by the day of rest – described in Genesis more important than many of today’s men and women know? Man’s ancient observations, buttressed by modern science, inform us about annual, monthly and daily rhythms in the universe;  in an awesome display of nature’s systems,  we know of the 17-year cycle of cicadas, where the immature animal spends sixteen years underground. Yet, to my knowledge, there is no modern scientific research relating to the seven-day cycle.

In the 2015 Mets season, I generally wrote Pray4Mets blog posts each week, posting on a Wednesday, and keeping readers on a seven-day cycle. New York metro fans ‘attended’ Tierney’s Tavern in Montclair once a week. This became the fans’ – and the team’s – turnaround year. In a (personally) busier 2016, I kept the blog posts — uplifting leadership communication from the electronic pulpit, that is — to once a month, and pub attendance was less regular; the team did a little less well than the year before. For 2017, my plan was to post every two weeks. Since my last post a fortnight ago, the Mets’ excellent start of the season has gone into a slide.

If man goes beyond seven days with rest, without reflection, without socialization,  without a little extra grooming, fussing over a shabbos dinner or putting on one’s Sunday best,’ without connecting with a higher power or intoning for one’s team, do things fall apart? As my friend believes, perhaps the keys to understanding are in the old books.

Church, temple, Rotary, Scouting…all use weekly cycles to keep their communities on track. I’ve come to the conclusion that if humanity could work on an eight-day cycle, that’s what would have appeared in Genesis. Someone, somewhere knew that eight days was too long a stretch for man to go to be his best.

With these thoughts in mind, I’ll return to weekly Pray4Mets posts, and let’s see what happens with the team as we put our prayers and thoughts into a different rhythm.

Bless me father, for I have sinned.

Over the next seven days, let’s put our hands together for Mets owners and management, that they run their business, lead their people, heal the wounded and plan their trades with wisdom, through the current desert, reinforced in a clear vision of what it takes to get to the promised land. While the team has awesome gifts, it also has large and complex challenges … but the good books have told us that we can overcome:

Chairman of the Board & Chief Executive Officer  Fred Wilpon

President  Saul Katz

Chief Operating Officer  Jeff Wilpon

General Manager  Sandy Alderson

Manager  Terry Collins

  • AND
      • Executive Vice President & Chief Revenue Officer

    Lou DePaoli

      • Executive Vice President & General Counsel

    David Cohen

      • Chief Financial Officer

    Mark Peskin

      • Senior Vice President, Baseball Operations

     John Ricco

      • Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications

    David Newman

      • Senior Vice President, Venue Services & Operations

    Mike Landeen

      • Vice President, Ballpark Operations

    Sue Lucchi

      • Vice President, Controller

    Leonard Labita

      • Vice President, Corporate Partnerships Sales & Services

    Wes Engram

      • Vice President, Deputy General Counsel

    Neal Kaplan

      • Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis

    Peter Woll

      • Vice President, Guest Experience & Venue Services

     Chris Brown

      • Vice President, Human Resources

    Holly Lindvall

      • Vice President, Information Technology

     Tom Festa

      • Vice President, International and Amateur Scouting

    Tommy Tanous

      • Vice President, Media Relations

    Jay Horwitz

      • Vice President, Metropolitan Hospitality

    Heather Collamore

      • Vice President, Queens Ballpark Company

    Andrew Cairns

      • Vice President, Queens Ballpark Company

    Eric Saretsky

      • Vice President, Security

    Robert Kasdon

      • Vice President, Ticket Sales & Services

     Chris Zaber

      • Special Assistant to General Manager Sandy Alderson

    J.P. Ricciardi

Choose a person on this list and join me in positive contemplation – hourly, daily, weekly (just don’t wait too long!). Share this blog with other fans, and send your observations, thoughts, prayers and hopes to pray4mets@gmail.com.

-Maureen Edelson, Creator


Montclair, New Jersey


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