Smoke That, Jay

Jay Bruce’s first-of-the-2017-Mets-season home run (which was followed on by another, last night, in Game 6) will be an easy one to remember. Whether you say ‘he’s smokin,’ or ‘what was he smokin’?,’ Bruce’s smooth, early-season performance extends the past two years of Mets’ rolling out unexpected delights for the fans.

The existence of entheogens, which, according to Wikipedia are psychoactive substances used in a religious or shamanic context, commonly bring to mind peyote, mushrooms or cannabis. Christian and Jewish rituals offer a sip of wine on a weekly basis. The body’s chemical changes that can come from physical/mental exertion and discipline put an individual in their ‘zone.’

Recalling the Mets of the 1980s, today’s team appears to be a tribe of Mr. Cleans. However fans create their 2017 Amazin’ fantasies — certainly, there’s enough beer- & cocktail-drinking among them at Citi Field — after two years of performing into the post-season on a clearly visible foundation, one no longer needs mind-altering substances to have a vision of Mets success in 2017.

Ahhh…the promised land: Happy Pesach to Pray4Mets’ Jewish friends.

Here are some words to help us keep our eyes on the ball:

from The Great Invocation – Maitreya

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth

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-Maureen Edelson

Montclair, New Jersey, USA


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