Mets Vespers Sunday, April 2 7:30 pm

PRAY4METS, 2015 to now: who would have known? With two post-season appearances since our inception, Citi Field is sold out for the Mets home opener on Monday, April 3.  Fans are smiling. My husband is happy.  Life is good.

As Mets fans prepare for the 2017 season, you are cordially invited to come together in community and to keep spirits high by joining in METS Vespers, a time of plainsong & prayer, on Sunday, April 2, 7:30 pm in Montclair, New Jersey.  RSVP by email to attend and for location: BYOB — Bring Your Own Blessing.

At the start of the PRAY4METS journey two years ago, response was intensely skeptical, even from the pastoral community. However, we met and exceeded our goals of 1) raising Mets fans’ spirits and 2) helping the team do better than the year before, 2014 (79-83).

Mo Mets Hat
PRAY4METS Creator M. Edelson

We know the saying ‘God helps those who helps themselves’ is important to understanding Mets’ recent successes, but adding our spiritual, hopeful honey to the pot ‘can’t hurt,’ as Rev. Mookie ‘doubting Thomas’ Wilson shared with me in the early days. Wilson’s eyebrows were above aloft as he came on board. I wasn’t really joking then…and certainly, am not now.

It’s not going to be an easy year. There are new elements in this season’s supply chain of Mets success. While the team has another Saint in the Hall of Fame this year – Mike Piazza — certain weak links are yet to be overcome.

So, from a fan standpoint, let’s give the team our holy best. Start the 2017 Mets season with me on Sunday evening, invoke your higher power, and join the PRAY4METS mailing list at

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-Maureen Edelson, Montclair, New Jersey USA


One thought on “Mets Vespers Sunday, April 2 7:30 pm

  1. Dear, Dear Maureen, your email invitation to Met’s Vespers felt like a gentle breath off spring on our winter weathered cheeks. Thank you for including us in your Met’s prayer plans but we were out that evening at a lecture a friend of ours was giving at the Brooklyn Public Library on Grand Army Plaza.
    We wish we could be in 2 places at once. Say hello to Todd for Teri and I. We miss you all. Keep
    Go’in Met! Affectionately, Teri’nBob


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